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Once you get to the higher levels of Game of War: Fire Age, things start to cost a lot more resources. This means you have to gather and save a lot more resources. This makes you a much bigger target. Your option is to have a shield up while you are gathering resources or take your chances that no one scouts and attacks you for your stockpiled resources. I’d like to go over another option for your alliance, an “Alliance Bank”.

Our alliance has an alliance bank account. This account is a secondary account that one of our Level IV players maintains. This account has no need for troops or traps. And this account ALWAYS has a shield on. Players from our alliance send resources there to be stored safely. When we need it back, we let the banker know and they send it back to us. Our resources are safely stored until we need them, but at a cost.

How an Alliance Bank account work…

We have a Rank IV that has been with the alliance a long time. He is a very trustworthy, active, and smart player. He created a second account that is physically located in the middle of our cluster. He took a couple weeks to build up this account. This account has no need for troops, traps, Hospitals, a Prison, a Hall of War, or an Altar. He created one of each mandatory building, lots of Villas, and a balance of Farms, Logging Camps, Mines, and Quarries on this account. The purpose of the account is strictly to be used as a bank so our alliance members can send resources, via the Marketplace, and store them with the bank account.

There are two costs for this Alliance Bank. Each member must pay the banker a 1-Day Shield once a month if they are using the bank. In theory, if thirty members participate in doing this the bank will always have a shield on. (If you had someone willing to buy a 30-Day Shield, the charge may be different though.) The second cost is the tax the Marketplace takes when you send resources to the bank and later when the bank sends resources back. I think for most people that ends up being about 30% of the resources. For example, if you send 1 million Stone to be stored, you’ll probably get about 700 thousand back when you finally withdraw it.

– Can safely store an unlimited amount of resources for an entire alliance.
– Users of the bank can still fight without losing their shield protection.
– If used properly, you should never be vulnerable to losing large amounts of resources.
– Easy to trade one resource for another with another player using the bank.

– Finding a banker to keep track of everything.
– Having to pay “tax” twice (The cost of sending it to the bank and the cost of the bank sending it back).
– Does not work well for alliances that don’t use a cluster/hub.
– Have to wait time to get your resources back.
– Vulnerable to sabotage.

When this idea was first brought up in our alliance, I initially was against it. The cost of a 1-Day Shield per month and losing 30% of all the resources you stored just seemed so high to me… until I was repeatedly smashed and lost tens of millions of resources. The first time you are stockpiling resources to purchase something high-level and lose tens of millions of resources you may rethink the idea. Since then, I’ve participated in the program and having nothing but good things to say about it. To date, our Alliance Bank currently holds a total of 300 million resources, all safe from thieves.

If you decide to participate, I recommend a couple things. Keep track of everything you send to the bank. Your banker should be tracking it, but you should keep track of it too just to make sure you are both on the same page. The banker will be keeping track of multiple accounts that are constantly changing. Our banker says he feels like an accountant in the game.

Secondly, once you’ve stockpiled enough resources to build whatever you’re working towards, like the next level of your Stronghold or a high-level research topic, withdraw your resources and use them. Don’t just keep stockpiling large amounts of resources because you love having millions upon millions of resources hoarded in this cool bank your alliance setup. Use it to keep resources safe, but USE THEM.

Third, be generous to your banker. It truly is a HUGE job, but it is super valuable in alliance growth. We get attacked much less because we aren’t the juicy targets we once were because we aren’t storing resources for high-levels to swoop in and steal. Give them an extra 1-Day Shield or two. When they are asking for resources or to trade resources, give them a good deal or just give it to them outright. Unless you want to be the banker…

The hardest thing about the bank is finding a good banker to manage it. We’re lucky in that aspect that we have a very tight-knit group of players that trust each other. And he’s a great player that is willing to put in the extra effort to make the alliance better. He is rewarded for this work. If he ever needs a resource we will always trade him evenly for what he needs, or even just give it to him out of gratitude for what he does. But finding that key person to do the job is very important, as they have to be available to withdraw from the bank and trusted with hundreds of millions (even billions) of resources.

This idea works great for our guild to protect our resources. Prior to that I was just shielding up every time I worked towards something big, or I took my chances that I wouldn’t get attacked (and lost this bet multiple times). What does your alliance use to protect their resources?

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  1. says

    Perhaps another benefit is that you can have members specialize in one resource type they are specced for – that way more tiles under the alliance are operating at >400% bonus levels. In this scenario, the bank would be pure spillover – you’d likely want producers to be exchanging with each other on a daily basis to mitigate the tax penalty

    • says

      @ Ben Kennedy – Absolutely. I have an alt that is specialized for Wood Production. I make AT LEAST one delivery a day to the bank of a million+ Wood. And that is just what I don’t use that day. So yes, if your alliance was very organized it could do something like that.

      • says

        Yeah – my basic fear with setting up something tight with other players is that they walk away or leave the alliance, leaving you with no production on a critical resource. But really, the bank concept should be integrated into the game (along with many other features). Sadly there don’t seem to be official forums that could be used to communicate with developers

        • says

          @ Ben Kennedy – I think that the way the game is right now, you SHOULDN’T implement an actual banking feature in the game. If you did, then there would be a LOT less incentive to attack people. I do emphasize that the hardest thing about the bank is finding a trustworthy person to run it. We don’t have that issue because we’re a very tight-knit group, but I could see that being an issue in a lot of other alliances.

          As for the forums, you just gave me an idea… 😀

          • Will says

            So I have a question. I just became the banker in my alliance. If I received 5m of Ore and have none produced, will it still produce ore?

  2. Tim says

    How do you “give” the banker a 1-day shield? I only see resource help option when I select an alliance city. There’s no option to pass items?

    • says

      @ Tim – You have to purchase a 1-day shield with gold to give it to someone else. You cannot give an item from your inventory away.

      If you go to an alliance member’s profile (only someone in YOUR alliance) you will see a Gift button in the top right corner. Any item you buy using gold will be gifted to them. They’ll get a message that you sent it to them and it will show up in their inventory.

      • sil4nce20 says

        Dont you have to buy a $100 pack, with gift mode to do this? My alliance isnt made up of big spenders, we spend a little, but most dont want to drop $100 dollars on the game.. Any way to gift shields, without gift mode?

        • Top says

          What is the cheapest pack that you can buy to get gifting mode enabled? I was told there was a $49.99 pack, but I have yet to see it.

          • says

            There is a $49.99 pack but they only give it to ppl that don’t spend. It’s their enticement. I was offered high roller for $9.99 to my account that’s never spend a dime (sh 11)

      • sil4nce20 says

        Also, many of us maintain farms.. I have 6.. what level should we stop our farms at? 9? So heros cant be captured..
        Would a SH15, with max traps, 150k tier3 troop army, reinforced by 20k tier3 troops per member work? If we didnt stockpile more than 6-10 million.. I like the shield idea, but not eough players wih gift mode..

        • sil4nce20 says

          Wouldnt be worth it for only 10mil, forget thos numbers.. but would creating very strong city be effective, or just a waste of time?

  3. Lucas says

    What are your thoughts on all these gold hacks, I get messages daily or comments on our alliance wall of people saying they can gold hack me. Let alone the amount of sites when you google cheats for the game offer gold hacks. What are your thoughts?

    • says

      @ Lucas – I’ve never looked into it (until now) or ever heard of it. I’ve got very little spam in game about buying accounts or using hacks, so that is nice. It would completely destroy the Game of War: Fire Age business model if they allowed that to happen, so I have to assume they have decent anti-hack measures. I’ve hacked online games before in ways that violate the EULA. I only did this when I was essentially tired of the game and I wanted something to change it up for me. But I’ve learned my lesson (a teenage lesson). In my experience, the vast majority of hacks have additional coding in the besides just hacking the game to make it better for you. They have things to steal information off of your computer (or mobile device), or other malicious coding. All of the things I saw online (for the 10 minutes I looked) required you modifying the actual game client. That is SUPER DANGEROUS since I’m not putting a hacked program on my iPhone or iPad. I have sensitive information I want on there and I’m not putting any hacked stuff onto it.

      Just my thoughts on it. Are there legit hacks out there that work? Could be. I’m sure if there are people wouldn’t be advertising them though unless there was a profit of some sort for them to be had. They’d be better off keeping it a secret or charging money for it.

  4. Alex says

    Hi Sam,

    first of all thanks for that awesome blog you came up with. Lots of helpful information and tips I didn’t know about :) Thanks.

    What are your thoughts about spending gold and whats the best way to spend it. I’m looking to invest in some Gold and I still search the best way to spend it.

    Was looking into extra XP to level up my hero faster or get some speedup’s for research and building.


    • says

      @ Alex – Great question. I bought a Gold Pack and asked myself the same question. The Prison, Hall of War, and Altar are VERY hard to level up without gold. If having those buildings at a higher level interests you, I think you almost have to spend gold on them to increase them.

      Once you are VIP Level 8, buying “VIP 30 Days” for 4,000 gold is a ridiculously good deal. At VIP Level 8, you’ll get 9 Daily Quests and 8 Alliance Quests. You’ll also be able to Autocomplete them both, which means you just press the button and the quest is done. No waiting or anything. This is HUGE and really boosts the experience for your Hero (cause you easily finish all your quests), and gets you more resources and materials easily.

      Buying the Advanced Speed Up Chest for 24,000 gold will use up almost all of your gold that you purchase if you purchase the highest level pack. It is very worth it in my opinion though. You can build or research things and drastically decrease the time to finish it. For example, if you start researching something that takes you seven days, just use a seven-day speed up. You’ve got it and can move onto the next thing. Also, lets say you’re about to go to bed and this thing you’ve been working on has like an hour and a half left. You can use the speed ups to finish that and start something else that will build/research while you sleep. It uses your time more efficiently.

      The last thing I’d consider if you’re an aggressive player or are currently located in a bad farming spot is Teleports. Teleports cost a ton in the Alliance Store. It is much more efficient to use your loyalty to buy other things that Teleports. So if you need to move or want to attack people by teleporting in and out, those area better bought with gold and not with loyalty.

      And, glad you like the blog! I have big plans for it. A post will be coming out shortly on what’s on tap for the blog.

      • Alex says

        Hi Sam,

        thanks for your thoughts :)

        I’m currently on VIP 7 and 10.000 points away from VIP 8. So if I spend 10.000 gold on VIP points and the rest I could use for some “VIP 30 days”. Interesting option to level up my hero faster.

        Also the Advanced Speed Up Chest sounds interesting. Its just spending like 24.000 at once on it…wow….lol 😉

        Looking forward to the news about the blog and will follow it closely.

        Thanks again

  5. Big Papi says

    Sam, another great post I read for the first time. Let me comment on an alternative model to the centralized “Alliance Bank”.

    The decentralized model works very well also, except instead of the banker, a resource manager(s) can help ensure the alliance members are all following the same guidelines. These guidelines equate to the alliance’s resourcing policy – for example clean up low quantity resource tiles to promote spawning of fresh new tiles, publish in chat any tiles that are in need of cleanup, recommend how to avoid resource conflicts by heeding to collision warnings, ensure members always have march recalls on hand, etc. In this way, resourcing is done by everyone all the time, and resource conflicts are minimized.

    I can easily write a full length article on this topic, however the bottom line is what makes the decentralized system work is the generosity of the alliance members. Those that “have” give to those that “do not”, no trade necessary. This builds trust and a flexible support model. No central management of actual resources, double taxation or shield purchases that protect only gathered resources –a shield protecting a member protects much more including traps and troops.

    I believe that many attacks are not determined by the level of resources an alliance may possess, rather attacks are often motivated by Kill Events. In this case, your alliance is still at risk whether you have a central “bank” or not.

    Both models clearly work, and one size does not fit all. I just wanted to provide an alternative viewpoint.

    Big Papi

    • says

      @ Big Papi – We actually do both. Cleaning up tiles, avoiding resource conflicts by heeding collision warnings, and having march recalls are pretty much mandatory for us. I have between 25-50 march recalls, even on my farm accounts. We also help each other with big projects, like getting needed resources for your next Stronghold, or some high level research. Like you said, that approach only works if your alliance makes it work.

      I don’t know how your server works, but on Terra getting attacked usually falls into one category: Kill Events, having too much resources, an enemy alliance, or opportunity for a higher level. It could be just because of my alliance, but anytime my resources get over a certain point I know I will be attacked. I don’t even build traps anymore because if my traps go over a certain point, a high level T4 will come in just to wipe them out for stats. It sounds crazy, but happens to me all the time.

      I’d be very interested to see how other servers work…

      • Garrett says

        In Jodmos being attacked generally works like this:

        1) If the ruling alliance, (F8R), announces that the official NAP (No Attack Period) is dropped, people will attack you for resources, kills, or whatever they want. ESPECIALLY of you’re on a resource tile, because you can’t recover those troops.

        2) During KE, stay off tiles and shield up.

        3) If (F8R) doesn’t like you, run. Teleport away, change your name, and join a different alliance. THEY. WILL. KILL. YOU.

        • Garrett says

          Just to add to that, (F8R) kind of has a general policy that if they apture a hero from an SH15 or higher, and they don’t want to release them (ex, they capture it from someone they don’t like), they charge 20 Million silver for the release, or they execute.

  6. jdyno75 says

    agree with the centralized bank and creating an environment of alliance vs individual – we have had a lot of success with the cross sharing, and have reciently implemented a “bank” – inntitially it was one of the 4’s, but we are modifying it to a “shared account” so that RSS are availalbe 24/7rather then we the bank is online. additionally we are implementing RSS specialists to boost production – a portion is traded or given and a portion goes to the bank to rss is available to all members


  7. Wintergreen says

    Hi, my alliance is interested in doing this, but we can not figure out how to gift an account a 24 hour shield without having to spend real money to be able to have gift mode which allows one to gift another account. Is there a way without having to spend real cash to be able to do this?

  8. MightyThor says

    Hey Jdyno, leaving our ideas here I see ;). Anyway, the resource specializing is the way to go, it eliminates any need for multiple accounts just to farm (people still can, it just is not necessary). We trade with other RSS specialists and help our food producers out. We also contribute to the bank as well, however I am at lvl 20 SH and have not had to ask for any non food related res from the bank at all.

  9. MightyThor says

    Also, can anyone confirm that inactive cities will randomly teleport? I had a couple of cities bookmarked and they are not there now, plus other cities have left, i figured the person just logged in and took off, however i have had other cities just show up and started hitting them and no one ever said boo.

  10. MightyThor says

    @ Samuel – We are trying to be tile independant and thus far those who have specialized do not really have to farm anymore. However, a blog or post about which items are best for construction, best for research, best for food and then best for attacking would be a great post.

    • Mike Hill says

      MightyThor – there are actually a couple very detailed blog entries on the construction set and research set. Best for food that I have seen is the Icarus Wings. I haven’t seen anything yet on battle set. Samuel that would be greatly appreciated :).

  11. Wintergreen says

    Would love a more detailed break down of resource specialist and also for banking would it work without spending real money to be able to gift the shield?

    • Mike Hill says

      Wintergreen – using Samuel’s advice here I created 3 “specialists” as you call them. One each for wood, stone and ore. I didn’t feel the need for food since it is so plentiful in Halo as I suspect everywhere.

      The concept is pretty simple, for my wood guy I have one farm, mine and quarry and 22 camps. Over time you build them up and it will produce massive amounts of resources. In addition, you want to focus your hero skill points exclusively on the specialty wasting as few points as possible in order to unlock the next. My guy is a level 34 hero but he has a 235% wood production boost! Almost all of my camps are at level 11 and the hourly production is almost 200k wood per hour. That’s almost 5 million per day!

      Now it has taken a couple of months to grow him to that, especially with no construction or research boosts. But now it is worth all of the effort because I can’t gather anywhere close to that amount of wood each day. I don’t think enough wood generates and even if it did it would get gobbled up too quickly.

      Now for the bank, you HAVE to enable gift mode for that to work. And everyone must contribute shields – preferably daily shields instead of 8 hour shields. We have a bank for our alliance. It usually runs having at least 2 weeks worth of shields in the bank (pun intended :)). I am not the banker – I’m the private farmer :).

      By the way, all credit goes to Samuel for this, I just followed what he recommended. Good luck.


  12. Darknitez says

    Hmmm in US that’s about 19.00 dollars a month for a bank. Better of buying a subscription to a real game in my opinion. They should incorporate the bank in the game other than than its a waste of money and rss.

    • says

      Yes the person who wanted to gift a shield would need to have gift mode enabled and the gold to buy the shield.
      For my alliance, when events end, I make sure I farm the gold tiles and reward gold that we get in order to insure I have enough to buy shields for the next event. I also, use alliance points to purchase the 8 hour shields. Also, the bank is not always shielded. I am a stay at home mom and keep my device nearby and monitor for attack alerts and pop up an 8 hour on a as needed basis between events and I use a 3 day and a 24 hour one to cover weekend events. Team mates have also gifted me with shields.
      Due to city caps on how much resources you can make and hold it is actually a good idea to send off as much as you can during events and have resource boosts going to maximize what you make.

  13. Sinister says

    Silver has become a commodity in our kingdom and the going rate is currently 5m silver= 1500 gold obviously we only trade with sister and brother alliance. With the gold they get they purchase 30 day shields, and with the amount of silver they get in a day, 45000 gold has become peanuts.

    • Jay says

      How do you trade with other players in the game? I can’t find a way to directly trade with others in game. Are you talking about offline trading via Ebay?

    • KrazyCool says

      The resource cap for the marketplace is the max number of resources you can send PER march. You can send multiple marches as many times that you want if you have the resources to give. A lower level marketplace can eventually send just as much resources as a higher level but the taxes are much higher.

  14. Ducky says

    Yes they do randomly teleport out or as I like to call it “MZ forced teleportation”. They random out if the account holder does not log in for some specified amount of time (which I don’t know how they determine)- I’ve seen anywhere between 2 days to 3 weeks from last log in to when it gets ported out- maybe SH has something to do with it or frequency of log in I don’t know. I can tell you that I know of one account that was started July 2013 or so.. and shortly thereafter abandoned. It has not moved from the same spot (I have it bookmarked). It’s annoying and I write to MZ about inconveniencing players who may not be able to log in every day or who go on vacation with no wifi. They do it for money– need advanced teleport—> buy gold.

  15. Lisa says

    Hi Sam.
    Can you tell me where to buy a 30 Day Peace Shield? The only information I’ve been able to find online is the price at 45,000 gold.

    • kristi says

      to be able to gift any empire you must buy a pack with a gifting token in it. yes you have to spend money and the packs run about 99.99 each. also you can’t give them one that you have you have to buy them one from the gift shop with gold.

  16. says

    Running banks for alliances sounds like a solid business plan if you could come up with a good way for members to finance both the shields and some compensation for the banker.
    Another thought…. how much detail about alliance helps comes through as ios or android notifications? I have mine turned off, but that data stream may be sufficient to create an automated banker app / bot.

  17. David says

    I like the idea of an alliance bank. But how do I also build an alliance city? Also our level 5 wants to step down but cannot figure out how to transfer leadership, can you help with what to do?

  18. Toshiro says

    Lol I run a personal bank with billions sitting in there that iv produced myself I still donate to alliance city and alliance bank but iv no need to use the alliance myself thanks to my personal bank

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