Game of War: Fire Age – Hero – Hero Skill Tree Maximums

Help our Game of War: Fire Age readers! I am trying to compile a list of all the maximum skill point values for each section in the Hero Skill Tree. If you see a “???” on the list below and know the answer for that particular section, please let us know in the comment section below. As numbers are provided, I will update the chart until we have a full list.

Rule One: Please only confirm a number for us if you actually have verified it yourself.

For Example – Don’t guess. Just because Food Production III is 698% @ 50/50 doesn’t mean that Wood Production III will be 698% @ 50/50. I can tell you it isn’t because they don’t scale at the same rate.

Rule Two: No partial numbers.

For Example – We don’t need to know that Wood Production III is 78% @ 23/50. We only need to know what it is @ 50/50.

Game of War: Fire Age – Hero Skill Tree Maximums

Last Updated On: 12/05/2013

Tier 1

  • Troop Attack (3.5% @ 5/5)
  • Food Production (18% @ 5/5)

Tier 2

  • Construction (40% @ 10/10)
  • Research (40% @ 10/10)

Tier 3

  • Troop Training (30% @ 15/15)
  • Wood Production (42% @ 15/15)
  • Stone Production (42% @ 15/15)

Tier 4

  • Ranged Attack (17% @ 15/15)
  • Siege Attack (17% @ 15/15)
  • Ore Production (42% @ 15/15)

Tier 5

  • Cavalry Attack (17% @ 15/15)
  • Gatherer (74% @ 15/15)
  • Silver Production (42% @ 15/15)

Tier 6

  • Infantry Attack (17% @ 15/15)
  • Trap Building (30% @ 15/15)
  • Food Production II (130% @ 20/20)

Tier 7

  • Troop Health (13% @ 15/15)
  • Trap Attack (17% @ 15/15)
  • Wood Production II (65% @ 20/20)

Tier 8

  • Troop Defense (13% @ 15/15)
  • Stone Production II (65% @ 20/20)
  • Ore Production II (65% @ 20/20)

Tier 9

  • Trap Building II (92% @ 35/35)
  • Research II (65% @ 20/20)
  • Silver Production II (65% @ 20/20)

Tier 10

  • Infantry Attack II (54% @ 35/35)
  • Trap Attack II (54% @ 35/35)
  • Construction II (65% @ 20/20)

Tier 11

  • Cavalry Attack II (54% @ 35/35)
  • Ranged Attack II (54% @35/35)
  • Gatherer II (111% @ 20/20)

Tier 12

  • Troop Training II (92% @ 35/35)
  • Siege Attack II (54% @ 35/35)
  • Food Production III (694% @ 50/50)

Tier 13

  • Troop Defense II (87% @50/50)
  • Ore Production III (347% @ 50/50)
  • Wood Production III (347% @ 50/50)

Tier 14

  • Troop Health II (87% @ 50/50)
  • Silver Production III (347% @ 50/50)
  • Stone Production III (347% @ 50/50)

Thanks for all of your help in building this chart. A complete chart will help us all determine if digging down into the skill tree to a particular area is worth it for us. This will save us from having to needlessly purchase Skill Resets because we didn’t know what bonuses a particular level would provide us.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, please leave a comment in the comment section. If you liked this post and would like to read more of them , subscribe to the feed, it’s free!

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  1. Steve says

    Hi Samuel,

    While I can’t add any numbers for you, I like where you are going with the blog. The level 20 article, and this one, seem to be getting past the how to and giving some advanced information. I wished I had kept the log I made of the building times.
    I just started a second account. With my daughter’s help (influence), I became the leader of an alliance (my choice). I have some great IV’s helping me out, my daughter is one and it is fun to spend time with her like this, and I think the core players are coming together. Any suggestions or thoughts on taking over the wonder? Players keep asking me about when we are going to do this. My first response is for them to learn to always be building, researching and training. My job so far has been to not only to build myself, but to keep all the noobs from attacking other alliances more powerful than ours, teach them the basics, and to form relationships with other alliances. It seems that some folks are level 17 10 days after a kingdom opens (credit card). They own the wonder.
    Any thoughts on the wonder and the ultimate goals, the endgame sort of speak, of GOW? For now, I am having fun building and continuing to learn about the game. Like you mentioned in an early post, I am not a person dropping lots of money on the game but I will occasionally to honor good programming.


    • says

      @ Steve – I’ve seen two types of alliances take over the Wonder. The first, and most successful, type was a single alliance made up of high-level players who spent BIG money (I’d estimate in the $1,000s each… yes, I said $1,000s of dollars). These were players that quickly out-leveled everyone on the server and gained Tier 4 troops before 99% of other players. They ruled by making other powerful alliances work with them and smashed any enemy alliances to the point many of them would dissolve. If you and your alliance members are not spending big bucks, this will not work for you.

      The second type is an alliance made up of multiple alliances. For example, your main alliance may be called MA1, with four other feeder alliances (MA2, MA3, MA4, and MA5). This example would give you a potential of up to 500 players, but there is no reason you’d have to stop at five (I’ve seen them with up to eight). Typically the most powerful players are in the primary alliance MA1, the second most powerful are in the second MA2, and on down the chain. New recruits with low power levels start at the bottom of the food chain, typically in MA4 or MA5. This is much harder to manage as you have to have other alliance leaders and rank IV’s. If you’ve ever run an alliance/guild/whatever in other games, you’ll already know that this approach is like having a full-time job. This alliance will still need some big spenders in it to do any real damage, like taking over the Wonder. But they wouldn’t necessarily ALL need to be big spenders.

      Both are very, very challenging. I have seen what I would call a medium-sized alliance take over the Wonder, but it was under very, very unique circumstances and only lasted for a very short amount of time (a few hours).

      • Brandita says

        3rd option is Jumper alliances. These guys are players from another kingdom that have decided to jump and start over. They make a new alliance and they max out research for combat and economics as far as they can they build everything to a max of level 5. These guys also have spenders they train a ridiculous amount of t1 troops. Then they jump and max out to tier 3 within 3 days, holding their speedups to push to their 3 by day 3.

  2. says

    @ EVERYONE – Thank you everyone! The list is complete due to community helping with everything. If you see any numbers that are incorrect, please let me know and I will modify them. But again, thank you to everyone who helped make this list possible!

  3. says

    Hey so would you go down the right hand side or the left hand side of the tree? I’m trying to make my troops stronger and I don’t have a lvl 50 hero to wear the equipments to support it yet. I love the right side for the construction and research but i’m deciding to keep my stronghold level for now and focus on building army so training speed looks attractive too.

    • says

      @ Z. Zhou – I recommended going down the right side for building in the beginning of the game. Early on this game is all about building and going down that line really helps you build your city quickly. If you’re an aggressive player, going down the left side could be more your style though. So it’s personal preference in my opinion.

  4. SilverSliver says

    Granted I have a level 21 stronghold and a level 50 hero but even before reaching that I would max out research/construction/troop train 1+2 and I would put the minimum requirements in the other categories to get past them. Best to maximize what you want and minimize the rest than evenly distribute. For farming and attacking a solid amount of troops are necessary. I usually avoid putting any extra points in resource production. When wartime comes use a hero reset and maximize the left side. Level 2’s (point for percent) outpace level ones.

    • says

      @ SilverSliver – I would do the same thing too once you’re at that point. The higher the level the more of a target you become. My Level 20 account gets scouted a lot more than my Level 10 account. I assume it is because they think the Level 20 account will have more resources there to take, and they’re trying to gauge the top level competition.

    • Syed says

      How many times can we reset the hero skill button? Is it limitless? I don’t want to reset it then find out that i cannot redo it.

  5. Tim says

    Just a side question: Do you get bonuses for having a hero in your prison? Or do you only get a bonus after a hero is executed? If so, how long does the bonus last?

    (I’m debating if I even need a prison or not. Might go all Villas if boosts are only temporary. Then build the prison in late game).

    • says

      @ Tim – You definitely could do a Villa instead of a Prison early on, and then just demolish the Villa later and add a Prison. No, you do not get any bonus for holding a Hero in your prison. There are only really two purposes for holding a Hero: (1) To deny your enemy the bonus of having their Hero, (2), To hold the Hero with the eventual purpose of sacrificing it once the timer is up. I’ve never understood why players hold low-level Heroes from inactive accounts and stockpile them in their Prison. I don’t see a point to it, and it makes you a target for bigger enemies that want to rescue heroes for stats.

      • Tim says


        Are you sure there’s no bonus? Or there’s no bonuses until lvl 21? When I go to my Prison and go to “More Information.” I scroll to the very bottom and it says “Additional Benefits” at lvl 21.

        Sorry, I’m not SH15 yet. Is there a similar “Additional Benefits” thing for executing heroes too?

        BTW, your blog is the best on the internet for Game of War. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us.

        • says

          @ Tim – The “Additional Benefits” are for a Level 21 Prison only. If you have a Level 21 Prison it will give you an Attack Bonus based on the highest level of prisoner you have. For example, if you have a Level 25 Hero, Level 30 Hero, and Level 43 Hero in your Level 21 Prison, it will give you an attack bonus based off of the Level 43 Hero (because he is the highest level prisoner you have). Almost all “Additional Benefits” listed in the “More Information” section are for Level 21 buildings. The benefits are to encourage you to play the game and a long time and spend money on it to get those benefits.

          And thank you very much for your compliment on the blog. I’ve had a lot of fun making these posts. I’ve learned a lot about the game and met a lot of cool people from all over the world.

  6. Tyler says

    Been playing GoW for a while now and seeing level 21 and Tier 4 troops I know there is a money side to the game to get some buildings upgraded in a timely manner to reach T4 troops. I’m curious as to what all items you can get from spending this money and their stats. I know about Hades Helm, Hephaestus Hammer and a few others but I’m starting to see some I’ve never seen or heard of before. Id love a full list to see how you are compensated by the developers for spending thousands of dollars on the game.

    • says

      @ Tyler – I don’t have a list. Best thing to do would be to befriend a Level 21 with T4 and ask. Most of the people at that level of the game seem pretty tight-lipped about that kind of information until you get to know them. I don’t know if they want to hide what their abilities are, or ashamed they’ve spent the price of a small car on an iPhone game.

  7. Fynn S says

    Do boosts provided by a hero affect any of your marches or just marches with your hero in it?
    Eg. If I went to gather resources on two tiles, and one march had my hero in it and the other didn’t, and my hero had a gathering boost, would the march without my hero gather just as fast?

  8. JC says

    Maxing out troop training 15/15 will give a 30% increase. How much actual time will that save for training T3 pikemen?

    • Zecry says

      Training speed does not only depend on hero skill but it also depend on how many villas you have and what are their lever. Infantry, Ranger, Cavalry has the same time of training, Seige takes longer. Hard to know how much actual time will save, it is easier if you find out how many t3 troops you can train per day (24 hours). if you have high training speed, you have more troops and your power increase faster.

      • Chris M says

        The math is weird, but once you understand it it’s straightforward. For research, construction, troop training, and traps… you can determine the time by converting your boost from a percentage into a proportion (i.e. 105% = 1.05). The actual build time = 1 / (1 + boost proportion) * original time.

        For economic boosts it’s (1 + boost proportion) * (production / hour).

  9. Grady says

    Any list on the amount of points given at each hero level? I know for 39 I got 5 skill points, but at 40 I got 6. I’m half way to 41, but have no idea what is in store point wise once I get there.

  10. DuinarJon says

    Another piece of usefull information would be the amount of skill points needed to reach a next tier. For example, you don’t need 5 skill points to go from tier 1 to tier 2, although Food and Troop Attack in tier 1 can take 5 skill points each. If I remember correctly, it takes 2 or 3 skill points in tier 1 to unlock tier 2. This would mean that if I want to maximize on Research and I have only 12 or 13 skill points to spend, I would use 2 or 3 skill points in Food production in tier 1 and after that, when Research in tier 2 is unlocked, I would spend the full 10 skill points which I have left at Research. This knowledge is especially valuable if you want to maximize on, for example, Wood and you want to reach Wood in tier 13 as soon as possible. I’m planning to reset my skills any time soon, so if you like I can take notes and share them with you for the blog.

  11. HoboKent says

    I didn’t know where to ask this but it is hero related. There are several very knowledgeable posters here so I am hoping someone can elaborate…if your hero is executed what are the advantages of resurrecting them over just hiring a new one? If you resurrect do you gain more xp than by hiring a new one and using your gymnos to recover some xp? Also what happens to your hero’s gear when they are executed and brought back vs just hiring a new hero? Thanks.

    • Mike Hill says

      Kent –

      Personally I have not had my hero executed (yet?) but my understanding from my alliance mates who have is they received everything back with the resurrection (all xp points and all gear). My understanding is that the gymnos comes in play if you hire a new one. Now that is complete hearsay so take it for what it’s worth.

      • Urof says

        This is correct. If your resurrect, then it’s like nothing happened. If you hire a new one then the gymnos matters.

  12. kyle says

    what does the Trap Attack hero skill do? does it act as a defensive boost, by allowing your traps to do more damage to incoming invaders? or is it an offensive boost, allowing your troops to do more damage to opposition traps?

  13. Alan says

    Does anyone know how many skill points have to be spent in each tier before you can move down to the next tier. Like tier 1: 3 points, tier 2: 5 points something like that.

  14. noneya says

    Just to correct wat was being stated about the gymnos. The upgrade of your gymnos should be the first priority after every stronghold upgrade. The reason for this is for the XP point bonus you gain for every instance you earn XP points.

    All the empire quest you will want to save and claim later in the game after your gymnos is at high level. When done appropriately and also using the 25% XP point multiplier, you can earn over double the amount of XP points specified by any quest

    XP points are crucial in achieving a high level hero which gives the most skill points to distribute and allows the crafting of high level hero gear.

  15. Phil says

    Anyone knows what difference is between food production1, 2 and 3? I know lvl 3 gives bigger boost, but are the too levels act as multiplier or have any effect on the next level skill?

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